Sunday, October 21, 2007

New York

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In the Loop: World Financial Center Knits and Crochets for Charity

We have a local hospital that has put out a request for blankets, for kids of all sizes for the new Golisano Children's Hospital in Syracuse, NY. The woman I help whenever I can is the child lifespecialist for the pediatric ICU. They get kids having problems like heart surgery, brain injury andall sorts of stuff. Another crocheter who I mentioned this project to asked about the possibility of usingfleece blankets (they need not a few!), and that's fine with the hospital. They also need, but to a lesser extent, so booties and hats for the babies. The babies there are full term, so no need for preemie items. The hospital ward used to get some ProjectLinus blankets, but no more. I can be the contact, as requested by the child life specialist.
Contact Marjorie at


Gmahelen said...


I tried to email you but the mail came back "unknown".

I live near Syracuse and am looking for a charity such as the children's hospital.

Please contact me.


Kara Judd-Litera, CCLS said...

Thank you for thinking of us and for "crafting" for us! I just want to clarify that we ARE getting Project Linus blankets here in the PICU. We always need blankets, and appreciate ALL those in our community who "craft" for us! Thanks!
Kara Judd-Litera, CCLS
Golisano Children's Hospital, PICU